Custard tart glúten free


Pastel de nata, the icon of the Portuguese pastry on a healthy version. Glúten free.

In na authentic combination of flavours that primes the unique and ancient récipe, recogizes pastel de nata as one of the most desired sweets of hte moment.

Pastel de nata without sugar? Better? It is certainly unique!

To taste, to enjoy and to praise with no fear of repeating again!



Per 100g Conventional Custard tart Custard tart CEBRINATUR
Energy Value 302 Kcal/100g 244 Kcal/100g
Protein 2,9 g100g 4,2 g100g
Carbohydrates 52,6 %(m/m) 38 %(m/m)
Total Sugars 32,3 % sugar 9,3 % invert sugar
Fat 13.3 g100g 8,0 g100g
Saturated Fatty Acids 6.8 g100g 2,8 g100g
Dietary fiber 0,8 % 2,2 %
Sodium 0.6 G Na/100g 0,03 G Na/100g

*comparative between Cebrinatur products and similar products of conventional pastry.

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  • Packing : CX 6 UN